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Dec 29, 2012 1:00pm EST
with her. he refused. and that tension. and i had the idea of sometimes being fearful. i had steven crane. books gave me a voice that expressed my individual humanity . and those books then helped turn you into a writer. do you want to talk for a moment of the have you got into writing? >> i began writing. i have speech difficulties as well. my siblings all have speech difficulties. we came up from west virginia. and i could not speak very well or read very well allowed, but eventually the teacher said, okay, you can write something, copied down. if you laugh at me and will, books and you. hit you. depending how far you were. but she said, i could read something. began writing in the palms. i really enjoy that. that was the only thing i was praised for that age. and i enjoyed writing. i dropped the school of 15. went back into school, a job as 16 and joined the army. >> and you have before you one of the most prolific writers of literature for yen people, authors risen over 100 books. he is known throughout the country in the world for his concern about youth which is reflected in most of
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
a large crane to remove each of the pieces from the barge of a flatbed truck. the spire will be locked into place. steven plate, the man heading up the construction project, calls the whole task a tremendous technical challenge. >> this project truly is -- has really redefined construction, i think, throughout the world at all level, whether it be construction whether it be design whether it be logistics. keep in mooind we're building a city within a city. >> reporter: the building sits atop sacred ground for americans, the site of the worst terrorist attack in history. the new 16-acre site is well on its way to completion. the tower at one world trade center became the tallest building in new york back in april. it could take three months for the final piece of the spire to be put into place. but when it's done the tower will be the tallest building in >>> cold storm moving into the bay area overnight. still a lot of clouds out there. some scattered showers continuing. looking toward the pleasanton area, we do have clouds and still some scattered showers in
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2